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How It Works Dog health

Thank Dog! Bootcamp started for many reasons, but one in particular has turned into a growing concern across America: Dog obesity.

Because we're dog and physical fitness trainers, we contacted Marty Becker, D.V.M and Robert Kushner, M.D who wrote the book, “Fitness Unleashed”, to quote their content and academic studies.

We only want to give the best information to all of our clients, even those who are just cruising the web for information.

The content below comes straight from the book.

We couldn't have simplified it any better than this:

“40 percent of pet dogs are overweight or obese. That's close to thirty million dogs in the United States alone dealing with health implications of weight problems-symptoms like diabetes, heart problems, aching joints, difficulty breathing, intolerance of exercise, even an increased risk of cancer.”

We know how important your dog's life is and that's why we're here. Don't lose him/her before you have to:

“Overweight pets cope with almost all the same health implications that overweight people do- but they cope with them sooner and with more potential ill effects. Dogs don't have the luxury of long lives to cushion the complications of weight gain. While you have a projected lifespan of seven decades plus a few years, your dog is looking at a much shorter life. With an average of twelve short years on this earth, dogs truly need every health advantage they can get. Research shows that trim pets live about 15 percent longer or an average of two additional years, than overweight pets.”

It is all about size in this case and it's crucial to your dog's health to assess just how many extra pounds he/she may be carrying:

“The effect of extra weight on a dog's lifespan carries across breeds, affecting dogs as different from one another as bichons and beagles and boxers. There is another big consideration to keep in mind when you assess your dog's weight, though, and that's his size. On a body frame that averages 150 pounds, humans have a little room to grow, so to speak. But small dogs begin to suffer health problems with just a couple extra pounds on their compact bodies. In fact, Just 1 extra pound on the frame of a 10-pound dog is equivalent to more than 20 pounds on an average adult human! If you think that an extra pound on Fido is no big deal, just put a can of soup on the middle of your pet's back, and imagine him packing it around 24/7.