Program      Your DOG is your workout partner!®


How It Works Borrow A Dog Program!

Are you interested in participating in our bootcamp but don't have a dog? No problem, you can borrow one of ours! Should you decide to go this route, you will get a nice discount on our bootcamp pricing.

Classes are 6 week sessions and start from the date you start- NO MAKE UPS unless discussed with trainer during sign up:

Unlimited Classes - $110
6 Classes - $60
1 class - $15


Do you have a dog but don't have the time to come to bootcamp? (This is still in development as we figure out the logisitics) No problem, you now have the option of enrolling your dog in the "Borrow Me" program for a small fee where we will pick up your dog for bootcamp and have one of our fellow cadets take them through the class.

Call 888.DOG.HALO (364.4256) for more details.