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How It Works In-home Dog Training

Thank Dog Obedience TrainingStill having problems at home? Thank Dog! offers a discounted package for Bootcamp participants. 

A dog trainer will come to your home to teach one lesson per week for 4 weeks. 

We believe that truly effective training begins where your dog lives. This is where your dog is most comfortable and confident.  We also believe that training should focus as much on the dog’s human family as it does on the dog itself.

After all, training your dog is ultimately about learning to communicate effectively with the dog – establishing leadership and maximizing the fun and good times. We can teach you how to speak dog.  

3 Lessons:

Lesson 1:  Setting up the environment, reviewing copies of lessons and dog communication, and practicing all basic commands.

Lesson 2:  Expand on commands. Down on play, walking with a loose leash, down with focus, fixed sit, focus on the “stay” with distractions.  Also, sit from a down, finished come, sit and focus, down from a distance, evaluation and transition, come command.

Lesson 3:  (At Park) Come with, working with a 30 ft lead doing all commands from a distance.

How It Works Thank Dog! Training/Sitting

A one-of-a-kind service that combines in-home, pet sitting, and dog training while you tend to your own busy schedule or go on vacation. Because consistency is key for this program’s success, you must know the skills and routine, as it’s essential you take over upon your return.  Therefore, Thank Dog! only offers this service to clients who have signed up for the 5 lesson In-Home Training package ...until now!

Thank Dog! is proud to extend these services to Thank Dog! Bootcamp members only!   Since our participants are already learning a big chunk of the training within the exercise program, no further lessons will need to be purchased.  On top of that, we're including one post- lesson that will last up to two hours at home to ensure your training success.

How It Works Not doing Thank Dog! bootcamp?

Go to our Thank Dog! Training website to learn more about our packages.
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