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How It Works License the Program

This program is unlike any program out there. We guarantee it! We have people from all over the world wanting us to bring Thank Dog! Bootcamp to their you want to be the one to bring it to them? We train you 8hrs a day for 7 days and will send you on your way to run a bootcamp of your own! We don't take any of your earnings!

Just a quick peek of what you get as a New Bootcamp Owner (NBO):

Included in cost:

  1. Manual
  2. Welcome folders for new bootcampers
  3. Ready to print Thank Dog! Bootcamp marketing materials
  4. Participation in 5 classes of Thank Dog! Bootcamp
  5. 1 week of bootcamp training
  6. Hands on dog training and behavioral course
  7. Dog First-Aid  & CPR certification
  8. NBO will conduct mock bootcamps and will instruct actual classes
  9. Marketing strategies and ideas (includes our famous urban bootcamp)
  10. Admin
  11. Website
  12. Phone Support

This is just a brief list. Email us for more detailed information and cost!!

**We will not sell our program to already running bootcamps in areas shared by existing Thank Dog! camps due to competition (our program ROCKS!!!). Also...

Should you purchase our program, we will NOT take interested licensees of Thank Dog! camps that would compete with yours.

Email for more details!