Bootcamp Questions

What do I need to bring?

A DOG (unless you are borrowing a friends or ours)! You will need to bring your own set of hand weights, a mat, and a towel. We supply a mat for your dog to lie on for “go to your place”. However, if you want to use it for home (which we highly suggest because we provide you with instruction for the home) we recommend you bring a bed or mat to put on top of the mat we provide so it won’t get dirty. You will also need to bring water for you and your pooch.

What do I wear?

Whatever you feel most comfortable working out in. Running shoes are strongly recommended!

What if it rains?

We will not have class since the dogs don’t perform as well (if at all) due to the wet ground. Also, who wants to be in the rain and get sick? If you do, call us and we will make arrangements. If you are in the academy, you may make up the class for free.

How big are the classes and can anyone join at anytime?

Anyone can join, at any time, as long as space is available.

I’m out of shape. Are we divided into groups depending on our abilities?

No. Everyone goes at their own pace and we encourage it!

Are results guaranteed?

No. Although our certified trainers are here to push you to your limits, nobody knows your body better than you do. We’ll always encourage you to keep up, but in the end only YOU know how far you can go. Plus, we have no way of knowing what you do outside of class. Therefore, results will depend on your individual pace and commitment.

Dog Questions

What does my dog need for bootcamp?

Your dog needs to bring a collar, leash, water, treats are optional and a dog mat. If you’d like to use a harness, make sure it’s a NO PULL harness.

How old does my dog have to be to enlist?

 Due to shots, your dog needs to at least be 4 months or older.

What if my dog isn’t trained?

We don’t expect your dog to be trained, however, you MUST attend the 1 hour Thank Dog! obedience class to prepare your dog for the week.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs. Can we still enlist?

Yes. Call us for a consultation and we’ll take it from there.
All dog aggressive dogs MUST wear a muzzle. NO EXCEPTIONS !

Can I still enlist if I don’t have a dog?

You can still enlist if you don’t have a dog, but you need a dog to participate. Consider borrowing a friends dog, or workout one of ours. You can get discounts!

I have two dogs. Can they both attend?

Of course! You’ll just need a second person too! Our policy is one dog per human. This guarantees a safe workout for all of our clients.

Can my dog be off-leash?


What happens if my dog doesn’t know how to do all of the commands taught?

Doesn’t matter, come to class as that’s what we’re there for. Heel is most important, if you have that (which, you will at the consultation), you’re in!! ! We don’t discriminate, we love all levels of obedience. It will help your pup out!

My dog is doing great in obedience class, but we’re still having some problems at home. What do I do?

Discuss further options with the Thank Dog! Trainers.

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