Jill Bowers, President/Founder

Jill Bowers, President/Co-FounderJill founded Thank Dog! Training (a private in-home dog training company) in 2002 after completing a year of training and working under military dog trainer, John Van Olden.

After several years of private in home training, attending conferences and doing work for the shelters around the area, in 2007 she finished another extensive dog training course in which she lived in Colorado. During that time, she lived with the wolves for a week researching pack behavior, while also learning more techniques and various types of training.

Along with becoming one of the “leaders” in dog training, Jill has excelled in the world of fitness. She became a regular at Barry’s Bootcamp and appeared in their infomercial due to her success (lost 40 pounds!) in reaching her fitness goals. Jill teaches Burbank with Noelle and develops all workout routines that are preformed by the personal trainers in every class.

Due to the interest from around the world and only being a team of 2…Jill couldn’t put a bootcamp in every area, therefore, she created the first mobile app that will bring the bootcamp to everyone worldwide. Along with this exciting venture, she is working with Noelle to license out the program and trains teams of people for their own bootcamp!

With her vast knowledge of both fitness and obedience, Thank Dog! Bootcamp has become her passion.- jill@thankdogbootcamp.com

Noelle Blessey, Vice President/Owner

Noelle Blessey, Vice PresidentNoelle is an ACSM-certified personal trainer. She joined Thank Dog! Bootcamp in 2009 and since then has become an owner while also instructing the Burbank location.

With her supreme knowledge of fitness, she helped to develop the Thank Dog! Mobile app that will put a person and their dog through a 1 hour workout with voice instruction. She also helped to create the fitness part of the training program that allows people to open up their own bootcamp in their area.

She is an avid soccer player, 4-time California AIDS ride cyclist and Anchorage, Alaska Marathon finisher. When not on the playing field or in a gym, her favorite companions are her dogs Owen and Krinkles. noelle@thankdogbootcamp.com

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