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lifestyle — n
1. a set of attitudes, habits, or possessions associated with a particular person or group
2. such attitudes, etc, regarded as fashionable or desirable
3. ( NZ )
a. a luxurious semirural manner of living
b. ( as modifier ): a lifestyle property

— adj
4. suggestive of a fashionable or desirable lifestyle: a lifestyle café
5. (of a drug) designed to treat problems, such as impotence or excess weight, which affect a person’s quality of life rather than his or her health

Ok, people…I’m going to define each lifestyle that will lead you and your dog to a happy, stress free life. Wouldn’t that be something?

Healthy Lifestyle. I couldn’t have said it any better than this: A healthy lifestyle leaves you fit, energetic and at reduced risk for disease, based on the choices you make about your daily habits. The way you eat, sleep and exercise all contributes to good health.

This kind of lifestyle not only builds your confidence, but it creates a life of well being. You are happier, more prosperous and healthy! Who doesn’t want that??

Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Lifestyle. A RDO lifestyle dictates the kind of life your dog leads, but also the relationship between the 2 of you. No matter the size, breed or age…ALL dogs need exercise and a good diet. Furthermore, to live a true RDO lifestyle, dogs need obedience training and a leader (most people think they’re the leader in their house, but let’s be real. Dogs always assume that position unless properly shown otherwise) who takes the time to learn about dogs (they do not think like humans…look it up!).

If you don’t live this lifestyle chances are your dog is…

…always home or stuck in a yard with no choice to experience the outside world.
…always anxietal (pacing, panting, jumping around aimlessly – often mistaken for “excited and happy”).
…always in trouble, therefore, unpleasant to be around.
…always showing aggression when meeting new people or dogs.
…never understood (the biggest culprit to all of the above).

The list goes on…but it’s actually not the dog…its your RDO lifestyle that dictates all of the above.

Social Support (SS) Lifestyle. A SS lifestyle is one that allows you to relate to others while also reaching goals together. This kind of lifestyle creates a space for other people to come into your life to live, learn and grow together no matter who you are or what you do. Without it, regular social settings can be awkward or just plain judgmental.

These are the 3 lifestyles that are important for daily living – instead of getting on a 4 week weight loss program, or a 5 week in home dog training bootcamp routine, or being social only on Thursdays. Consistency is key to everything. Combine all 3 on a daily basis and what you have is the TDBC Lifestyle. Don’t change…transform!! LIVE it.

Thank Dog! Bootcamp (TDBC) Lifestyle. A TDBC lifestyle is a life transformation for both dogs and owners. It’s one that practices a healthy diet and exercise routine. It creates a bond between dogs and owners through communication (dog obedience) and understanding (learning dog behavior). It also allows other people and dogs into your life to motivate and inspire you on your journey. The TDBC lifestyle is a tremendous way of being EVERY DAY.

Our camps are designed to cater to all 3 lifestyles. We are known as the bootcamp family and it’s real. Everyday, I look forward to waking up with my dog…we drive to bootcamp and spend every morning with people and dogs living our lifestyle. We share stories, information and our goals with each other while working out and training our dogs! Every day I go home with either a new idea, new motivation/inspiration or just feeling completely supported to maintain my daily way of being. Quinn and I reach our daily goals consistently.

Start your TDBC lifestyle even if you don’t have a camp near you!

  1. Get to REALLY know your dog by taking all assumptions out. Pick up a book and read about dog behavior and KNOW what they are going through when “acting out”. Seriously.
  2. Going to the gym? STOP. Grab your dog’s leash and combine a great workout (use bands, or take your weights to the park for cardio and weight training) with obedience training! Or better yet, get our app, Thank Dog! Mobile  This will put you and your dog into a one on one exercise  and dog training program for an entire month…all voice instructed while listening to your favorite music…can’t beat that!
  3. If you aren’t used to exercising, think about bonding with your dog…Walking is ok! Challenge yourself!!
  4. Change your eating habits…I swear you will forget about that yummy cheeseburger the second it goes into your belly! Not worth it!
  5. Find activities you can do with your dog at least 2 or 3 times a week that will involve like- minded people and pups. Hiking? Coffeeshops?…etc.



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