Obedience training isn’t just for the dogs, humans need it too.

It’s the misunderstanding of the dog’s mind that creates the unwanted behaviors, not the other way around.

We tend to forget about their wolf ancestors and that human beings did not create our furry friends.

We automatically assume that dogs think and feel the same as we do. Therefore, we spoil them, baby them, and talk to them like humans. We depend on them for our happiness. After all, they are our last chance to smile at the end of the day. However, even though we love our dogs like family, we must remember they are still animals and need to be treated as such.

This is why human obedience is necessary:

  1. Consistency plays a huge part here. It’s the most important piece of dog training because dogs learn by repetition and if it’s not consistent, they become confused about their role and where they stand in the pecking order.
  2. Patience is key. Because dogs don’t think and feel like we do, the training should be calm and relaxed during every session.
  3. Energy tells the story. Dogs are very sensitive to human energy. For example, if the energy is sad, the dog may become depressed. If the energy is nervous, the dog may become anxious. If the energy is fear, the dog may react in fear. In other words, the dog is a human mirror.
  4. Reinforcing the rules. Giving up that quickly? One can bet the dog never will!
  5. Overcome frustration. When training a dog, ALWAYS end on a positive note. It’s difficult to do this if the frustration level is high. However, if not done accordingly, the dog may associate a negative experience for the next session.

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