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Hi!  I am Jill, Co-Owner and Founder of Thank Dog! Bootcamp. I moved to Cortland, OH from Los Angeles, CA due to getting pregnant with twins. It was hard to leave Bootcamp as I had been doing it for 8 years (I didn’t leave the business, I just left the location).  I was on bedrest for 3 months, in a wheel chair when I did move around and had my bootcamp buddy, Quinn next to me for company. My recovery was awful and took FOREVER.  I lost a lot of blood, had a blood transfusion and had a pelvic disfunction but got 2 beautiful twins out of it. After my first year of raising the twins, I started  to get fed up with my weight and then my beloved dog, Quinn, died in March. After months of grieving, I decided it was all going to stop here.  I decided to open a TDBC location here to A) fill the void of my best friend, but B) to reach  my fitness goals with like minded people.  I began documenting my journey on Facebook and am now going to update here as well.  Follow the below 3 posts if you’d like to get caught up.

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